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About Us


Reeta Sabhani

Reeta started her first fitness service in 2005 from home. Encouraged by the response, in 2006 she launched her signature brand “Reeta’s Revive” to make a difference in the fitness movement of urban India.

Her vision was to help housewives regain their confidence by getting back in shape & being happy & healthy while still shouldering the family and domestic responsibilities. Soon others also started to join up, attracted by special attention which they received on joining. This led to members staying with her continuously for years!

This encouraged her to expand her gym from a small studion of 400 sq. feet to a sprawling gym spread across 3000 sq. feet space offering different exercise programs to suit members of different age groups and life styles.

Reeta’s extensive experience as a fitness trainer combined with certification as a Yoga instructor from Mumbai University,Power Yoga certification from Leena Mogre’s fitness academy, diet counseling and certification in Pranic Healing from GMCKS Manila, ensures that all fitness related services you need to achieve your health goals are available under one roof.

Reeta’s team of experienced & qualified trainers from premium fitness academies like K11, BFY, UK Fitness are also cast in the same mould.

Our Team

“Reeta’s Revive” – A Gym with A HEART FOR COMPLETE WELLBEING..

Located in a secluded corner in the calm and pristine surroundings of Raheja Vihar away from noisy road side gyms.

In the last nine years, Reeta’s Revive has established itself as a leading fitness centre where people achieve their health goals. From losing or gaining weight, getting back in shape, managing medical conditions like frozen shoulder, stiffness of joints, lower back pain, spondylitis, asthma, blood pressure, diabetes & hormonal disorders like Thyroid, PCOD, Menopause