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Nahar Amrit Shakti.


Nahar Amrit Shakti.

  • by Reeta
  • February 10, 2016

Reeta’s Revive-A fitness club in name..but in reality,much more than that -in terms of the development of our physical ,mental and emotional being !..

Without elaborating much upon how it has changed my life for the positive,I would simply say A HEARTFELT THANK YOU to Reeta and her dedicated staff like Kishore, Sagar ,Ankita etc.

Its been nearly two years since I first walked in as an underconfident lanky person not sure if this place would help me to reach my desired goal of gaining weight !..(it had been an impossible feat for me since my teens!).. I eventually gained 10kgs and achived my target,…enjoying almost everyday of my sessions in a pleasant yet professional atmosphere. I saw people losing 8 to 10kgs and I thought it would be a difficult impossible process for people like me who have always been on the other side of the table – a perpetual underweight ! But THE SHEER PATIENCE AND DEDICATION I IMBIBED from Reetas and Kishore ‘s attitude towards helping me achieve my goal ,with a bonus of not just gaining my desired weight but also as I said earlier , I gained spiritually with a bit of yoga, emotionally becoming a more confident person as I look at myself now, and mentally it taught me to STRIVE AND NOT GIVE UP.This trait now helps me in other spheres of life !

All of the above,would not have happened had It not been for the dedicated personal training in terms of diet,workout,amazing rapport with the approachable staff which helped me fluctuate my diet,workout, and timing suitable to my needs and lifestyle.I would also mention the co ordination between Reeta and her trainers had always been perfect so as to personally be up to date with my progress.

THANK YOU Reeta and and her staff members for your dedicated training in every sense of the word :).

Reetas Revive-you rock ! Keep up the good work.My best wishes always.

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