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Kamal Chandwaney

  • by Reeta
  • February 10, 2016


I find Reeta’s Revive to be a friendly, convenient, relaxed neighbourhood gym and it definitely has a warm and earthy feel to it. Its a gym where one does not feel intimidated at all and it is interesting and very encouraging to see people of varying age-groups and of all fitness levels working out together under the same roof.

To me, one of the most amazing USP’s or features of Reeta’s Revive is their ability to adapt to change and customize a workout program for a person and since I have been with them for atleast 5 years now, I can vouch for that trait, because I first came to R R with a serious back injury, which was successfully treated through some incredibly simple exercises and I have never had to look back again. I have never felt this fitter, stronger and livelier ever before. Thank God they do not have a ‘one size fits all’ or a ‘one workout suits all’ attitude. They clearly recognize that each person is unique and has a different requirement – be it weight loss or weight / muscle gain or any other special need and accordingly they are able to formulate a tailormade program!

The second most apparent USP is that the class and level of service given at R R is of the highest order and I doubt other gyms can even be mentioned in the same breath on this score. In addition to my weight training, I also attend power yoga classes at R R, and in these classes, individual and thorough attention is paid to every step in an asana…the endeavour here seems to be that every participant must perform the asana and its various motions correctly in order to realize the maximum benefit, having said that, sufficient time is given to each person, as everyone has varying flexibility and endurance and comfort levels and there is no rush or hurry during these classes. This is yet again another fine example of committed quality work over quantity.

All the trainers have a meticulous eye for detail and correct postures and are always around, happy to help, happy to clear our doubts and happy to explain the benefits. They also encourage and push you to go further, but they also make sure you are doing things the right way. And many a times, it is not uncommon sight to see the owner, Mrs. Reeta, herself, breaking into a sweat or getting actively involved in a training!

The equipment is top-notch, the gym is very well spread out and the layout is just perfect. Cleanliness and hygiene standards are simply outstanding!

My morning work-out is the high-light of my day…time for myself…time to zone out and not think of work or anything else…just focussing on keeping myself
fitter, happier and healthier!

Congratulations to the entire staff and management at R R – all of you are doing a most wonderful job. A massive thank you to all! Please keep up the good work!

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